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                                                   I have tried this with 20  Euro note & it does have it! (not any more..)
                    rfid burn
                                             It seems the new $20 bills & Euros have a little something extra besides the pretty
                                             colours. According to this site, they're embedded with Radio Frequency
                                             Identification (RFID) chips that can set off those monitoring devices at
                                             store exits designed to alert personnel that you're walking out with tagged
                                             merchandise. The author claims that you can "fry" the RFID tag by putting
                                             your money in the microwave - but it may explode if you do. If you don't
                                             want your money tracked, don't think you'll avoid it by leaving the country.
                                             A link from this site takes you to a story written way back in 2001 about
                                             how the European Central Bank was planning to embed RFID chips in all their
                                             Euro notes by 2005. True or not? You read it and decide.......


                                             Update, Re: New UK £20 note. This surprisingly does not appear to have an RFID chip,
                                             maybe there will be one  fitted in later issues.....



30 May 2010 London UK
I am  told by a friend who is a property dealer & much more, that each country has issued its own Euro.
If Greece & Spain + Ireland default ( maybe Portugal as well)  the notes issued by those countries will no longer have any value  or be accepted by banks as legal tender to protect the rest of the countries. Germany and Holland have kept the old money in vaults vacuum sealed  ready to change back into their own currencies overnight should this happen. They will only be
exchanged for Euro notes that do not belong to the defaulted country.
when you exchange money to get euros the exchange places will give you euros from the countries as stated to try to offload & protect themselves knowing that this situation could occur in the near future, so it might be a good idea to check the euros you are given in exchange for other currencies. YVTM  are the ones suggested you do not get stuck with. Better to be safe than sorry, or ripped off. Even should this information not be completely correct , Remember it is your money!


              The Euro banknotes carry the following signature letters to indicate the issuing national central bank:

Code letter
National central bank of ... Code letter
* New banknotes issued by the Banque centrale du Luxembourg currently bear the code letters of the National Centralbanks in the countries where the banknotes for Luxembourg are produced.
Belgium Z
Greece Y
Germany X
Spain V
France U
Ireland T
Italy S
Luxembourg *
Netherlands P
Austria N
Portugal M
Finland L
Slovenia H
Slovakia E
Cyprus G
Malta F


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