SS  Richard Montgomery Matter


 seabed chart Sheerness, Middle Sand.
The following wreck site has been declared a restricted area under the Act due to the potentially dangerous condition of the wreck:
An area round the stranded wreck of the “Richard Montgomery” enclosed by straight lines joining the following positions:
51° 28´·067N., 0° 47´·200E. [OSGB36]; 51° 28´·099N., 0° 47´·100E. [WGS84],
51° 27´·950N., 0° 47´·367E. [OSGB36]; 51° 27´·950N., 0° 47´·367E. [WGS84],
51° 27´·833N., 0° 47´·183E. [OSGB36]; 51° 27´·865N., 0° 47´·083E. [WGS84],
51° 27´·967N., 0° 47´·017E. [OSGB36]; 51° 27´·999N., 0° 46´·916E. [WGS84].
has been declared a prohibited area on account of explosives contained in the wreck which make it a potential danger to life
and property. Four lighted special buoys laid due N., E., S., and W. of the wreck are shown on Admiralty Charts; these
buoys mark the approximate positions of the corners of the rectangle described above.

Picture below centre of chart area as viewed from the air.

Aerial view of  warning buoys surrounding the liberty ship wreck ss richard montgomery



link to corresponding close up surface photos of the wreck and warning  buoys

Recent picture of ss richard montgomery with the Red Sands Fort Complex in the background

Picture of ss richard montgomery aerial view

Map of area around wreck (Google maps)

( Quoted below  from  page 17  )

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Areas closed to all forms of
human activity, including boats
passing through.

no flyover zone to  3000 ft

Very few of these areas exist in UK coastal waters. The
only one that is known is the wreck of the vessel
RICHARD MONTGOMERY, which is recognised as a
major hazard as it contains 4.6 kt of explosives and is
less than 5 km from the Isle of Grain Oil Terminal in the
River Thames. It has been declared to be in potentially
dangerous condition under the UK Protection of Wrecks
Act, 1973, and the area around it is closed to all navigation.


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