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Download 1000's of Free MID polyphonic Ringtones for mobile phones.


1950-1960 mid ringtones.rar (440kb)

Anime mid ringtones.rar (476kb)

Anthems mid ringtones.rar (653kb)

Broadway mid ringtones.rar (150kb)

Christian midi ringtones.rar (157kb)


Christmas mid ringtones.rar (402kb)

Classical mid ringtones.rar (4.7Mb)

Dance Techno midi ringtones.rar (1.5Mb)

Drums mid ringtones.rar (88kb)

Jazz mid ringtones.rar (1.6Mb)


Motown mid ringtones.rar (403kb)

Movie Soundtracks midi ringtones.rar (1.3Mb)

Pop and (2003 or earlier )Top40 mid ringtones.rar (11.8MB) (broadband recommended)

Siemens ringtones.rar (11.7Mb) (broadband recommended)


Stadium ringtones.rar (41kb)

Television mid ringtones.rar (922kb)

Television Themes  Ringtones mp3 (13.2Mb) (broadband recommended)

Video Games mid ringtones.rar (3.2Mb)

Uk old ringtone ( BT 706 Tel) .wav

Uk old ringtone ( Bt 706 Tel)  .mp3


teenringtone (1.8Mb) .wav

teenringtone (239k) .mp3

Teen ringtone has two uses:
The High frequency tone cannot be heard by adults so if used as a ringtone at school the teacher will not know your phone is ringing.

The second Adult use is to play over public address system in shopping malls or supermarkets and other locations where groups of youths hang out from boredom or to make trouble. Adult shoppers will not notice the sound but it will be harmless and very annoying to young troublemakers who will leave the area. (burn .wav file on CD and set to repeat play when used)

Link: To all mobile phone full technical specifications on this excellent site 


Make sure your USB Flash drive or memory card is genuine in capacity and data integrity and not faked clone with this free windows program. English and German readme user files in (213 kb) download




All files are "as is" for personal use only, with no warranty for any  particular use or  purpose and  downloaded at your own risk/responsibility.  

By downloading these files it is agreed that Full responsibility of use is with the downloader.


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