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The old British Policeman

Secret doormat cam  for the pervert who has everything (jpg)

best divorce letter (pdf) 

Assailant suffers injuries from fall (jpg)

A wedding in Scotland uk and how not to do things ( jpg)

check your International shoe and penis size (jpg)

Embarrassing mail order delivery to wrong address  (jpg)

proof there are bad aliens on the moon (jpg)

now this is drunk (jpg)

something for masturbators that want to stop (jpg) 

scratch and park (jpg)

No more white anus (jpg)

My pussy belongs to daddy (jpg)

what do your pets get up to when you are away (jpg)

All employees must wash genitals (jpg)

I support sexual liberation after death, Nerocard keep in your wallet and print copy for friends (Jpg)

no sex here (jpg)

The Pope said no (jpg)

The cause of all wars  Religion (jpg)

Is your girlfriend a lesbian (jpg)

Off the clock (jpg)

Early gay movie poster (jpg)

Give your kinky and weird friends something to remember you by after your death (jpg)

Brothel menu, circa 1912

Jayne Mansfield  1967  1  (jpg)

Jayne Mansfield  1967  2  (jpg)

Please masturbate in your own rooms (jpg)

difference between first world and third world countries (jpg)

sex education in 60's uk this explains a lot (jpg)

Control your woman If only it were that easy (jpg)

how to piss off the people next door (jpg)

Old 1864 UK sign (Victorian) which I photographed Somerset and Dorset railway (jpg)

bondage bar stool for beer with a blow job (jpg)

If you go down to the woods today you will see a gay tree (jpg)                                       

cubicle4 is not in the usa (jpg)

Why ,what sort of danger? (jpg)

Airplane Sex Guide

1930's porno cartoon snow white and the seven dwarves (jpg)

Lady misunderstands mans request to shave her beaver (jpg)

blow job cleaning kit (jpg)

Playboy magazine for the blind (jpg)

My first cavity search (jpg)

I will drink to that! (jpg)

you are now a ninja (jpg)

Make a zombie T-shirt (jpg)

Is this Osama Bin Laden in disguise on holiday in Australia (jpg)

Fiendishly cunning Taliban trap for USA troops abroad (jpg)

proof women want love and anal sex (jpg)

Love does not always have to hurt (jpg)

Ladies, Bend over and think of England! (jpg)

Having a great time at the festival in Europe (jpg)

best separation letter ever (jpg)

The most dangerous job it the world (jpg)

Now it can have Fur around it (jpg)

Motorbike Turbocharger ( jpg)

voodoo- free parking at your own risk

No terrorist car bombs permitted 06:00-24:00 (jpg)

How to recognize a gay terrorist (jpg)

green power for your television (jpg)

This is one violin I would like to play (jpg)

Why wait till christmas if you are a pervert (jpg)

Anti shark tampon, don't get caught without it ladies (jpg)

Failed dating agency application I wonder why (jpg)

You can shave the baby (why?) (jpg)

The Correct way to look after your baby, for beginners (jpg)

Asskisser gum for brown nosers (jpg)

Your partner will never be able to lie about his size again (jpg)

Aviation Truisms (click to view)

Harry potter and friends the early picture they would rather forget (jpg)

Rooting handle bars for your personal sexual rodeo (jpg)

carol vorderman early countdown special (jpg)

something for the ladies to switch on in the dark (jpg)

Head up rear end don't try this at home (jpg)

The thrill of the tennis match carried on after the game (jpg)

Preparation H suppository bullets available in speed loads (jpg)

German scientists prove looking at big boobs is good for you (jpg)

Its ok mum, teddy and I are just going on a sleep over (jpg)

Breathtaking bravado foils speed camera in Australia (jpg)

First general meeting of worlds largest gasmask fetish club (jpg)

The perfect present for when you are trying to tell a person something but just cant find the right words..(jpg)


mummy has daddy been humping the Hoover (jpg)

prep h for homeboys (jpg)

homeboy gun site (jpg)

toilet tissue what do I do with the rest of the stuff (jpg)

don't drink the water from this toilet (jpg)

Mike gets a cheap thrill from betty-Boop! (jpg)

Eating dark chocolate is good for you! (jpg)

Add excitement to your shopping trips (jpg)

The authentic women's penis size preference chart

nudist camp cigarette holder

no farting sign (jpg) (click to view)

Practice for what? (jpg)

Not out in the hall captain (jpg)

The worlds shortest fairy tale (jpg)

Telephone pad which arsehole called (jpg)

Can you recognize a terrorist

Terrorist.wmv ( terrorist school) (funny)

Does my bomb look big in this?

suicide bomb cat

Electric baby sitter just plug in and go out! (jpg)

make your children work for their keep (jpg) click to view)

carry your cat wherever you go (jpg) (click to view)

morning poem for late sleepers (jpg) (click to view)

toilet camera

Essay about Jesus by a school boy (warning DO NOT download if religious or easily offended) (jpg) (click to view)

Subject true or Not True?

Road sign sheep farm ahead (jpg) (click to view)

London fights back (famous person fun jpg)

George w Bush trains for a new job (famous person fun jpg)

Will one be wanting fries with that (famous person fun jpg)

Prince Charles inspects Nato troops

Too late for a once in a lifetime experience (jpg)

beginners guide to sex.jpg

beginners guide to oral sex.jpg

Teach yourself muff diving (jpg)

brief safe the ultimate burglar deterrent

bondage underwear what does the girl near you have under her clothes

Two great true stories

When size really does matter (jpg) (click to view)

buggery not permitted on the ski tow (jpg)

Nudist beach costume rental (jpg)

nudist beach no fat girls allowed (jpg)

check the sign at the beach before entering the water (jpg)

height problem (jpg)

Some new (& old) words for 2005 (click to view)

True weird sex stories from around the world

For the woman or man that has everything

nine out of ten men prefer (jpg) click to view)

Get a coke down your throat banned coke add (jpg) (click to view)

Do not disturb ( print and cut out for use when having hotel sex) (jpg) (click to view)

drunk tag print out and attach to your clothing before going out drinking

lucky it was raining that day! (jpg)

teenagers.jpg Important message (click to view)

when does the oath you swear in court run out (jpg) (click to view)

make a deposit in your local sperm bank now (jpg)

one out of four people in this country is mentally unbalanced (jpg)(click to view)

honesty on the internet (jpg)

Muslim_fancy_dress.jpg (Fatima's options were somewhat limited at fancy dress party's) (jpg) (click to view)



British public school telephone answer machine message (mp3)


factory recall of vibrator (mp3)

blowjob accessible (warning do not view if easily offended) (jpg)

A blowjob at sunset (jpg)

make it up to her with bastard card (jpg)

chicks rule 1 you know you are not worthy (jpg)

chicks rule 2 boys make good pets (jpg)

choking hazard male package contains large parts (jpg)


fake camel toe something for the girl that has almost everything (jpg)

ipodcock for the woman who has almost everything (jpg)

iPODplug for the man who has almost everything (jpg)(click to view)

How to get a boyfriend (jpg)

How to end the relationship (jpg)

chavopoly.jpg (monopoly for chavs)

Danger mad cows, what next? suicidal sheep..... (jpg) (click to view)

dangercat Do you know where your cat is? (jpg)

how to train a dog (jpg)

giantknife- Don't try taking this on an aircraft (It's real) (jpg)

make money (jpg) (click to view)

one million dollar note

money is not everything (jpg)

The richard montgomery matter (film/movie script synopses)

Women, go and fulfil your female role.doc



skateboarders proudly annoying pedestrians since 1972 (jpg click to view)


Killer hamster

Suffer from hair loss? Try this! (jpg)

nice hair cut (jpg) (click to view)

T-Shirts for Men (fun) (click to view)

T-shirt sale (fun) (jpg)

make your own puma t-shirt (fun) (jpg)

more fun t-shirt slogans

True facts about bananas (click to view)

The differences between men and women

The Infamous EMU Archive (fun travel and other clean stories based on real events)

Bad jokes and dirty jokes and sexy jokes and funny jokes some old some new

Prophecies of Nostradamus pdf

Prophecies of Nostradamus doc


some of my landscape photos for panoramio (Google Earth)

True weird sex stories from around the world

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