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Free MID polyphonic Ringtones for mobile phones to download

DVD region unlock codes main Index page

This letter To Edward Heath proves UK entry to the common market was illegal so is null and void to start with!   (update 08 October 2018)

The Infamous EMU Archive

True weird sex stories from around the world

Badjokes (Warning  PG rated. Do not view  if underage)

If you like Things That Go Bang & more have a look at

British Ordnance Collectors Network

Little boy Nuclear Bomb at Imperial  War museum London UK (jpg)

Little boy Nuclear Bomb internal technical diagram and information

lunakhod1.jpg Russian lunar rover

lunakhod1side.jpg  Russian lunar rover side view

lunakhod1wm.jpg  Russian lunar rover wheel motor

An unusual interesting article on using the Spiricom device to speak to the dead ssrichardmontgomery page

ssrichardmontgomerys  photostream on flickr

youtube ssrichardmontgomerys channel

Atm Theft Lebanese loop

 Loopholes in UK motoring law, reference for drivers (pdf)

Pickup lines for every occasion (pdf)

The old British Policeman

Make sure your USB Flash drive or memory card is genuine in capacity and data integrity and not faked clone with this free windows program. English and German readme user files in (213 kb) download

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The searl effect anti gravity generator (pdf)

Full Body Teleportation system US Patent application publication US 2006/0071122A1 (pdf)

Tibetan Sound Levitation Of Large Stones Witnessed By Scientist (pdf)



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