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Warning some are PG rated. Do not view clips if underage.

Low budget Scottish film ( 1Mb wmv)

Technology across the generations best use for Ipad yet (4Mb wmv)

horrific crossing accident  (4.0 Mb wmv)

stupid people and guns (wmv)

Fantastic pitch back juggler (wmv)

Things you do not expect to see on a quite inland water fishing trip (wmv) 

Give an ape an AK-47 see what happens (4Mb avi)

James Lascelles  Improvised  stride  piano style  (11Mb wmv)

what is your favourite Movie on this list (jpg)

ladies you may regret throwing out your man (wmv 6.5Mb)

Why Santa did not leave you a present (your letter chosen)

Jewish wedding (La Boda) funny (3.8Mb wmv)

The perfect gift for the bitch in your life

uk police cutbacks latest police car unveiled (1.6Mb wmv)

parental porn blocker is this the ultimate way to stop your kids watching porn (2.3Mb wmv)

wrecker ball hits passing SUV (3.5 Mb wmv)

Vagiseal (2.52 Mb wmv)

Tornado catches up with train viewed from rear camera ( 5.5Mb wmv)

Man is killed on roof of Indian train when he touches 25,000 volt overhead cable 6.34Mb wmv 48seconds (warning graphic content)

Saddam_Execution_Video_full_including_the_drop.wmv 6.00MB 2m37sec                                                                                                (warning graphic content: Saddam Execution Video (mobile phone full)  


banned mtv advertisement aired once- serious subject (needs MS PowerPoint to view)

what hit the pentagon? 911 make up your own mind (off site link)

The Truthseeker  9 11 & Operation Gladio (E23).mp4 (46Mb)

(1) could these methods or variations work against terrorists & did it really happen & was covered up (off site link) (1)

(2) could these methods or variations work against terrorists & did it really happen & was covered up (off site link) (2)

Mat Gerlack test firing British mark v sten gun (blank ammunition) at military show

BunkerBuster.wmv Enemies of the USA beware

Wafa Sultan talks about middle east conflict, very interesting and controversial warning her views may offend some people

Armarillo_uk_army_spoof_video.wmv (52.7MB Download ) Broadband only, save to disk

Damage done to a person in first seconds of IDE (Improvised Explosive Device)  blast (No sound track)( 14.3Mb Download)

_Star_Trek_Parody_-_Tripping_the_Riff.mpg (28.3MbDownload ) Broadband only, save to disk.


Help your partner get a good nights sleep (funny)  (wmv)

Dutch TV interviewer loses job in studio balls up (very funny) (wmv)

Do you wish your girlfriend could bum dance like this  (wmv)

Just what you need when going for a quite night walk in the hood   (wmv)

jesus.wmv (warning DO NOT download if religious or easily offended) ( best with sound on)

Cuisinechinoise.pps you will never see your local takeaway in the same way! (needs MS PowerPoint to view)

iphone.wmv  the new Iphone and its many uses (funny and very good)

How many polish builders does it take to screw in a light bulb (wmv)

prank_call_backfire.wmv  always remember to switch your called ID off when making prank calls

wildboyzlama.wmv fun with lamas and elks

This documentary style film "The War Game"(45 minutes)  was made by the BBC in 1966 to show what would happen if there was a nuclear war in the uk.
It was banned for many years due to its horrific nature and realism. Not something for those easily upset or of nervous disposition to watch as accurate! I first saw at a private viewing in the 1980s.The reality of nuclear war. Available on line in many places. I have put on my server for fast and easy download.

Riding a Harley

Don't you wish your girl friend could do this (wmv)

Don't you wish your girl friend could do this (mpeg)

look_both_ways.wmv ( road & track accidents)

pub-internet-soa.wmv you just never know who the other person is

President Bush Borders: The Film Clip (funny and very good )

British-csi.wmv  British crime scene  investigation  (funny)

Get your eyes tested before giving blowjobs (funny)

news report from Iraq (funny)

chopper crash

fly by explosion of navy jet

underwater_explosion.wmv  (a very small taste of what will happen when ss richard montgomery explodes!)

Airport security? funny

Shopping in Israel   funny 

Terrorism from the virgins point of view

Terrorist.wmv ( terrorist school) (funny)

Terrorist.gif ( terrorist school) (funny)  same clips different formats

Terrorist.swf ( terrorist school) (funny)


The nut bra (for men!)


Thebritishpoliceforce.wmv (fun I think...)

chrisrock.mpeg (11Mb) (Obey the law!)





BlowDarts.wmv (very funny)

Paul plays with his glove puppet.wmv (funny uk office humour)

stackenblochen.wmv (spoof German game show clip)




outdoor sex in Germany (wmv)




Belly drop (whatever turns you on)


bad road accident.mpe

boom_1.mpg ( bomb squad man gets blown up)




Tequila.wmv (very funny tequila add)







Stunt City.wmv

BruceLeeCasting.mpg (dont call us we wont call you!)



Dildo_Song.wmv (the famous dildo song)



nasty nanny.mpg

ohmygod spitfire flypast.wmv



stressed out.wmv








man attacked by lions at safari park (mpeg) (no sound)


wimshurst machine demonstration (mpg)

Giant wimshurst machine demonstration  on one of its rare public viewings (mpg)

The Richard Montgomery Matter (film/movie script synopses)

True weird sex stories from around the world

Bad jokes and dirty jokes and sexy jokes and funny jokes some old some new

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